Rajesh Bothra and His Way to Success

Some people want more from life and to cross borders searching for success without fear from obstacles and ready to meet all challenges. They don’t step back from their plans and making their dreams come true not losing course no matter what problems may arise on their way. Such person is Rajesh Bothra, CEO in Kobain. He had views that could reach beyond borders of his family business and was daring enough to test his luck in computer business.
Rajesh Bothra was born in Mumbai 1968 in a business family, Marwari, that comes from a Rajaldesar village in Churu district of Rajasthan. He is based in Singapore and because of his special skills and achievements in the computer business his name became recognizable not only in India, Singapore but around the globe. His brand Mercury became popular across the world and Rajesh became Indian pride and the role model of many young people these days in India. His offices are spread all over the world, from India, Canada, USA, Nigeria, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, Taiwan, Turkey, Austria, Holland, Hong Kong and UAE. Kobian headquarter is based in Singapore and from there Rajesh operate his business net that is spread around the globe. The most interesting is that Kobian doesn’t have any competition yet nowhere.
As 16 years old Rajesh decides to quit his studies after he graduated and reason for that was in his disappointment with job offers for educated people in India. He could see many skilled and educated people working simple jobs for low salaries and he wanted more from life. He lost motivation for studying and decided to leave school and start building his own career in the computer business. His mother gave him a good luck gift, Rs. 7,000 and he used that money to start his business. He could live very good from his family earnings but he wanted to try his luck and build something that will make his parents proud. After only 4 years, his daily income was Rs. 25,000 but he didnt want to stop there.

Expanding his business he started traveling to Singapore and Hong Kong which helped him to realize that situation there is much better for business and that India isn’t the best place for business people because of the many obstacles they meet daily. That is why right after his marriage 1991 Rajesh decides to move his business to Singapore. There were three options to choose from, Hong Kong, Singapore or Dubai, but his choice was Singapore because of similarity to Indian culture and also small distance from India.

When Rajesh moved his business and home to Singapore, Kobian had been already well established business with half a million S$ turn over. Owner of Kobian was Mr. Nikhil Shah who decided to become equal partners with Rajesh and expand company 1992. Working together they managed to make the company grow and today this company has a turn over of 300 million S$ with plans to reach soon 2 billion.

This company has three factories in India and one in China, but plans are to spread in Europe and to make one factory in Eastern Europe. At the moment exact place isn’t decided but it could be Poland or Czechoslovakia. Factories in India are located in Himachal Pradesh and Silvasa and there are over 800 employees. Factories produce over 160 products with over 300 different models which makes this company unique and without competition anywhere in the world. These products are sold under brand name Mercury and distributed all over the world, from Europe, Middle East, USA and India. Products range from monitors, notebooks, power supplies, keyboards, motherboards and so much more. Every week there is one new product created.
Since he started his computer business in Singapore, Rajesh is making investments that are long term which was surprising for many and often object of their laughs, but he proved his way was the right way and he never stopped moving in the same direction. That way of thinking and planning is what brought Kobian to place where it is now and that is being one of top world IT companies which was recently proved after feedback on question about quality of company products and trust people have in them. Out of 1,250 results Kobain was ranked as 5th and to understand the importance of this enough is to say that competition were companies such as IBM, HP, Compaq and Intel.
Ways of selling products are different depending on the country and for example in India products are sold directly to distributors, in the Middle East to dealers and in North America to merchants such as BestBuy and Wallmart. Sale is operated from Kobian’s 12 offices that are spread around the globe.
Rajesh after some time changed opinion about the importance of education after realizing how much it would help in his present work and that is why he decided to continue his studies. That way he will not only continue where he stopped as a student, but also prevent to see same mistake repeated by his children.
His biggest support was his family always and most encouragement he got from his father who died 11 years ago and mother who died only 4 years later. After their death he found support in his wife Rashmi who is not only by his side in usual life but also walking by his side in all related to business. His daughter Divya is 10 and attending school and son Harsha is 13 years old student. They are all very much attached to India and that is why Rajesh is giving provision of his annual income to help poor people in India. Money mostly going for food and his charity work expanded to feeding over 20,000 people and covering more than 20 cities in India. His plans related to charity are big and Rajesh will try to expand them to Cambodia and African countries helping needy people in that area.