Rajesh Bothra, Indian Pride

When we talk about a successful businessman from India it is impossible not to mention Rajesh Bothra who became the pride of India and role model to many young people in India these days. This Singapore based Indian one day decided to without fear step on road of challenges and test his luck in the computer business, leaving safe financial life and crossing borders of his family business. He is now CEO of Kobian company with turnover of 300 million S$ with plans to reach 2 billion very soon.


Rajesh Bothra when asked about ways to success and how to start successful business usually replaying with explanation that only one who is willing to risk, meet challenges and problems without stepping back or leaving his path is actually one that is able to gain success in business. Such person shouldn’t leave dreams or ideas and must be daring to confront all obstacles on his way to success.

Rajesh Bothra was born in Mumbai 1968, in Marwari family from a Rajaldesar village in Rajasthan. When he was only 16 he decided to quit studies and start his own business. After graduation he realized that the life of all educated people isn’t as it should be and that most of them working some simple and low paid jobs without chance for success and better future. That disappointment caused lack of motivation for studying and he explained his decision to his parents. His mother gave him a good luck gift as Rs. 7,000 and he decided to leave secured financial life within his family and to start earning on his own. He used that small amount to start his own business in Mumbai and after only 4 years he managed  to earn Rs. 25,000 daily. Still that didn’t end his dreams  and he wanted to expand business across borders realizing that India isn’t the best place for business people.

Business took him to Singapore where he traveled every two months and he found places like Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai more suitable for business. That is why after married 1991 he decided to move to Singapore and start his new life and business there. Singapore was closer culturally to India and that is why he decided to move there.

When he moved to Singapore Kobian was already running and company’s turnover was around half million S$. Owner of Kobian was Mr. Nikhil Shah and within one year 1992 Rajesh became his equal partner and they expanded business together. At the moment company’s turnover is around 300 million S$ and their plan is to reach 2 billion within a year or two.

Kobian has three factories in India and one in China and produce over 160 products and over 300 different models creating one new product every week. That is why this company doesn’t have any competition at the moment. Products are sold under brand name Mercury and factories in India have around 800 employees working. The product range is big, from keyboards, motherboards, power supplies, DVD players, VCD players, notebooks, monitors and so much more. Products are sold all over the world from Europe, India, Middle East and USA. Beside factories in India and China, Kobian has plans to expand and make one new factory in Eastern Europe, preferable Czechoslovakia or Poland.

Kobian has offices in over 12 countries and products are sold different way depending on country rules. For example in India they sell their products directly to distributors, in USA to merchants such are Wallmart and BestBuy and in Middle East to dealers. Such palette of products and quality are reason for this company’s high rank in the IT world. After recent survey and feedback from over 1,250 important sources Kobian is ranked as 5th our of 80 IT companies  such are IBM, Intel, Compaq and HP. That only showing how trustworthy this company is and quality of their products. Rajesh never stopped making long term investments and that was strange to many business people that often laughed to such thinking, but exactly that way of thinking are reason that Kobian reached such position. He never stopped going in the same direction and investing in future.

Rajesh’s parents were his big support and gave him encouragement he needed to continue following his dreams. His father died 11 years ago and mother 7 years ago. After that his support in life and business is his wife Rashmi. She is always by his side, even in business as in that saying that behind every successful man standing great woman. He has two kids, Son Harsha who is 13 years old student and 10 years old daughter Divya. His family connection with India is very strong and that is why he is one of rare business people that giving provision of his annual profit to charity. Most of that money is used to support poor people and give them food. At the moment his charity organization feeding over 20,000 people and covers over 20 cities. His plan is to expand that charity work to Cambodia and African countries providing necessary things and food to those who need.

After a long time in business Rajesh realized that his decision to quit studies was bad and that one should have enough knowledge and keep on upgrading even when he is a successful businessman. That is why he decided to continue his studies and show a good example to his children preventing to see same mistake made by them in the future. Rajesh believes that continuing his studies will help him a lot in management and engagement policies.